Wheat Legal Subscribers

Business subscription service

Our clients have told us what they want and we decided to listen!

We are now proud to offer our business subscription "BS" to commercial clients to make sure they have the legal advice and peace of mind that they need, when they need it.

Stop watching the clock when you call your lawyer, and start figuring out how to navigate your business' legal issues!

Sliding Scale Pricing

Our pricing is sliding-scale based on the revenue your business earns.


First time entrepreneurs, veterans, minorities, women, or disadvantaged*


team builder

Startup companies with revenue less than $100,000 per year or teams of < five


*OMWBE.wa.gov criteria.**Additional restrictions apply.

going concern

Established businesses and companies with revenue more than $100,000/year**


So, how does it work?

Our pricing is sliding-scale based on the revenue your business earns.

This subscription service gives you your own lawyer without confusing or unpredictable billing - and we work weekends like you do! You'll have a legal team that is familiar with your business at an affordable and predictable price.

We pride ourselves in our quick response to our clients and being approachable.

This leaves out the guesswork of when your attorney will get back to you.

What's included in my subscription?

Your expert legal team is available to you for 100 minutes of consultation included per month.

Five (5) phone calls & ten (10) email inquiries per month; phone calls and emails will be typically responded within 48 hours of receipt.

A semi-annual, informal risk audit by phone.

Discounts for flat fee services that new businesses need (10%) - save over $1000 as a subscriber.

Discounts for our hourly or contingency rates (40%).

Commercial payment terms for flexibility with annualized budgets.

subscribers get discounts on Flat-Fee Services

We offer flat-rate pricing on many services that new businesses need. As a subscriber, you also get a discount on these flat-rate services that most new businesses need as they start and grow. This isn't all we offer - contact us to get more information about other services for your growing business.

subscribers get discounts on Litigation and traditional services

Generally, we use an hourly rate, value added, or flat fee agreements. On occasion, when our client requests so and there is a clear recovery, we consider using a mixed contingency agreement.

Litigation Services

Hourly rate:


Subscribers save $120 per hour!

Commercial Legal Advice

Hourly rate:


Subscribers save $80 per hour!