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Estate Litigation Can Happen To Anyone

The fact that your deceased loved one or business partner had a solid estate plan does not mean that legal troubles over the estate are absolutely unavoidable. Even when an executor (also called a personal representative) acts in good faith to settle an estate, they may make mistakes that give rise to legal problems. Paperwork may be filed incorrectly, creditors may come calling or family members may contest the will after someone has passed away.

Whatever legal controversies are developing over an estate in which you have an interest, you are wise to seek quality legal counsel as soon as possible. Sometimes, disputes can be settled with no need for either side to resort to litigation. In other cases, a litigated case can be settled in the early stages before legal procedures and costs take on a life of their own. If you do become involved in estate litigation, a TEDRA petition may allow you to avoid some aspects of litigation, but you will still need to go through a legal process to settle the dispute.

At Cisneros Wheat Legal PLLC, we provide clients the information and advice they need to get past hurdles that stand in the way of a timely settlement of an estate.

Examples Of Estate Litigation

Some common causes of estate and probate litigation include:

  • Disputes over trusts, including allegations of trustees’ breach of fiduciary duty
  • Will contests, including allegations of undue influence or incomplete signing of the will
  • Allegations of fiduciary misconduct by an executor or someone else
  • Petitions for the removal of trustees
  • Guardianship disputes

The value of hiring an attorney during an estate or probate dispute is that we bring our knowledge and experience to the table. We can make sure legal documents are completed and filed correctly, advocate for you and take some of the burden of going through the legal process off your shoulders. We know what we’re doing, and we do it well. Our estate litigation attorneys are both approachable to their clients and strong-willed advocates ready to fight for their rights. We will not hesitate to take up a client’s cause, no matter how much resistance we encounter as we pursue justice for them. We take on a wide variety of cases, thoroughly research each situation carefully and fight for our clients’ rights during what may be emotional processes.

Honor The Wishes Expressed In The Estate’s Documents With A Timely Resolution

Winning an estate litigation case may not mean walking away with more money (although it may mean that). Rather, winning should mean tapping into the power of law and the courts to enforce the decedent’s wishes as they were spelled out in a will, trust or any testamentary document.

To discuss your case and decide the best way forward after a dispute has come up, call 206-866-0816 or send an email inquiry. We are ready to help.