We will provide a no-obligation 30 minute consultation to all new clients

We prefer to meet all new clients in person at least once, but we understand this may not always be possible.

Generally, we use an hourly rate, value added, or flat fee agreements. On occasion, when our client requests so and there is a clear recovery, we consider using a mixed contingency agreement.

Our attorneys charge an hourly rate of between $300/hr and $200/hr for litigation or commercial legal advice before any case is filed.

For a senior paralegal or junior attorney, we charge $100-175 per hour depending on the nature of the work. Administrative work is performed at the market rate.

Link for payments made to Wheat Legal's Operating Account here

Commercial integration, such as advance approval of invoices is available upon request. If you want to spread payments out over time we can do this, but you must notify us in advance before an invoice becomes due.

We can also provide secure(ish) file upload platforms.

Legal Self Help Resources

Our clients very often do a great deal of research on their own. We support that. Here are some useful resources that answer many of the questions we get from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Business Start Up Legal Checklists, Compliance, & Corporate stuff

Rocket Lawyer has, in our opinion, by far the best platform of tools including an incredibly wide-variety of 'build it yourself' document wizards. They're easy to use and understandable by the average commercial user. Attorneys from Wheat Legal support Rocket Lawyer's services and make use of this platform's tools in their practice. You can find their forms at:

Upcounsel has a good check list which may be found here:

Nolo's Guide to Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses can be found here:

Rubicon has a truly excellent and more advanced guide aimed more at startups seeking investment:

Washington State Bar Association's LPO Forms for use in real estate transactions can be found here:

(always more to come)

Sliding Scale Pricing


Team Builder

going concern

"Our Billing Philosophy"

When it comes to billing we never take the client by surprise.

We want you - hopefully our future client - to be happy to pay our bill by the time we're finished fighting for you. Our goal is to provide the absolute best legal services and obtain the best outcomes for our clients, not to just make a quick buck and never return calls. We will use paralegals and legal assistants when possible to do routine tasks. We will forward billing statements monthly. They will contain a description of services, including the date, the person rendering the service, the amount of time involved, and a description of the task accomplished. Monthly statements will also itemize monies we have advanced on your behalf, such as service and filing fees, expert witness fees, charges for investigation, travel and accommodation, photocopies, postage, and deposition costs.

Social Media Warning

We strongly encourage you to refrain from participating in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Skype, and the like) during the course of representation. Information found on social media websites is not private, can be discoverable, and may be potentially damaging to your interests. Understand that information shared with others be it verbally; in writing via email, text message or letter; or even posted online could lead to the loss of attorney client privilege were that information to relate in any way to the legal matter that we are handling for you. Given this, we advise you to refrain from communicating with us on any device provided by your employer or any computer, smart phone, or other device that is shared with someone else. In addition when communicating with us, do not use your work email address or a shared email account. You should only use a private email account that is password protected and only accessed from your personal smart phone or computer.

File Retention Policy Notice

During our representation of you, we will be forwarding to you copies of all pleadings, documents, correspondence, and other information that are generated or received by this firm. These copies will be for your file which I encourage you to bring to every appointment so that both of us have all necessary information in front of us. At the conclusion of representation, we will close your file and retain it for five years. Your file will be destroyed after that time unless you instruct me in writing now or at the conclusion of representation that it is your wish to take possession of the file once our five year retention period has expired.

Early Termination Notice

An effective working relationship is essential throughout the course of representation. Given this, should you become dissatisfied with our services at any point in time, please do not hesitate to immediately bring your concerns to our attention. Hopefully we will be able to discuss and resolve the matter. If not, you may terminate our representation at any time. In the event you elect to do so, you will remain responsible for the payment of any fees earned as well as any expenses incurred. We may terminate our representation of you only as permitted or required by law or regulation. Please be advised that after reasonable notice, your failure to pay on your financial obligations to us or make deposits when due are two such causes that will result in our terminating representation.

Succession Planning/Backup Attorney Notice

While we strive to deliver excellent legal services to each and every client, we also have an ethical obligation to protect your interests during any extended absences, such as a vacation, or in the event of my unexpected death or disability. To accomplish this we have named Tara Reck as our backup attorney who will be available during any extended absences or will step in to assist in the winding up of our practice should that ever prove necessary. We will personally provide you advance notice of any planned absences and our office staff or backup attorney will contact you with information on how to proceed should any unexpected event ever occur.