Info For Existing Clients

Link for payments made to Wheat Legal's Operating Account here

Commercial integration, such as advance approval of invoices is available upon request. If you want to spread payments out over time we can do this, but you must notify us in advance before an invoice becomes due.

We can also provide secure(ish) file upload platforms.

Legal Self Help Resources

Our clients very often do a great deal of research on their own. We support that. Here are some useful resources that answer many of the questions we get from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Business Start Up Legal Checklists, Compliance, & Corporate stuff

Rocket Lawyer has, in our opinion, by far the best platform of tools including an incredibly wide-variety of 'build it yourself' document wizards. They're easy to use and understandable by the average commercial user. Attorneys from Wheat Legal support Rocket Lawyer's services and make use of this platform's tools in their practice. You can find their forms at:

Upcounsel has a good check list which may be found here:

Nolo's Guide to Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses can be found here:

Rubicon has a truly excellent and more advanced guide aimed more at startups seeking investment:

Washington State Bar Association's LPO Forms for use in real estate transactions can be found here:

(always more to come)