Corporate & Business Law

Corporate and business entity formations

Drafting of Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, and Corporate Records

We can help make compliant arrangements for annual meetings of non-public companies, keep the minutes, and compile/submit reports on your behalf as necessary.

Updated notifications about corporate filing requirements - make sure your company never goes into default on its ongoing reporting requirements!

Legal advice for companies seeking funding - VC onramp

Legal advice for companies planning to seek license approval in regulated industries from food preparation and liquor licenses to medical devices

Rocket Blasting Off

VC Onramp

Thinking of raising money to scale things up and grow?

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Old Rolodex

Liquidation Agreements

Corporate Proxies

Corporate Resolutions

Founders Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

General Partnerships

Limited Liability Partnerships

Professional Corporations

Trademark Registration

Referrals for technical, or patent, intellectual property services

Startup Immigration Referrals

... and more!

Clearing Hurdles overseas

We understand international trade and taxation in a way that is invaluable for planning purposes.

Legal advice for companies seeking to register, do business in, incorporate, seek funding, or obtain licenses in foreign jurisdictions such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and through associated services in countries and jurisdictions throughout the world. We can consult on international trade and tax issues. Something that may seem overly simple in one part of the world can turn into a nightmarish morass of delay and redtape.

We know people.

We can make a plan. Ons kan n plaan maak.


Do you need to register a trade mark or formalize the ownership of your intellectual property?

Do you need to take special steps to secure your customer's data?

Do you need to purchase and manage a domain name?

Do you need to set up a website and marketing?

Do you need to enter into written employment agreements?

Do you need to secure insurance policies?

Do you need to lease a premises?

Do you need zoning approval for your business?

Do you need to finance any capital equipment?

Do you need a set of standard terms and conditions of sale or use?

Do you need to set up a separate bank account?

Do you need to register with the tax authorities?

Do you need to accept credit cards?

Do you need to register with any trade bodies?