AI Law

At Wheat Legal we are committed to using:

technology to the benefit of our clients

We don't simply invest in technology for our firm's use, but we also research and explore the technological areas our clients work in.

At Wheat Legal we don't just look at technology policy - we look at technology execution!

If you or your business has a particular legal requirement for the use or implementation of artificial intelligence or machine learning and you'd like the benefit of counsel who actually understand what you're doing, then look no further!

There are lots of lawyers out there doing 'research' in the field of artificial intelligence, but that research has become little more than an echo chamber of explaining how and why artificial intelligence is 'dangerous' and that 'bias is bad'

There are essentially no laws governing the use of AI per se. However, one of our attorneys (Jeffery Wheat) did his master's research paper on the development of an artificial intelligence model that could be used in litigation. This is not an easily understood topic, which is perhaps why his paper was well received but widely misunderstood - read the paper here:

AI & the Law - Final 20180527.pdf

Please note that there are a few typographical and formatting errors. We are aware of the errors, but since this was the paper that was handed in on time and in its final form, this is the version that is presented here. If you have any questions feel free to contact its author at :-