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We can provide general counsel services for smaller companies or startups

We have a variety of flexible-retainer arrangements with our clients which allow you to grow your legal services when you need to, and not pay for a ton of extras you may or may not need up front.

We can help you distill your short and medium term business goals, and reduce them to writing. We reverse engineer mergers and acquisition compliance requirements to show you how to shore up your risk areas in advance of seeking finance to give you the best shot. (We make no promises!)

New businesses need to have a standardized set of agreements for the vast majority of transactions they intend to enter into on a regular basis

Measure twice - cut once: Accurate and informed planning and budgeting always pays dividends in the business world, and the same can be said for the legal side of things.

Contractual compliance must be baked into certain types of contracts, such as those being offered to consumers. Most states have versions of a Consumer Protection Act which provides heightened protections to consumers within that state's respective jurisdiction.

We can help you set up partnership agreements or other joint venture vehicles.

Take advantage of an opportunity, or lay off some of your risk on the other guy.

How you make a deal is up to you. Give us a call.


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Commercial Leases

Residential Leases

IP (Copyright / Trademark) Licensing Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Liquidation Agreements

Arbitration Agreements

Release Agreements

Amendments and Modifications to Existing Contracts

Promissory Notes

Consulting Agreements

Distributorship Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Employment Agreements

Software Licensing Agreements

.... and more!

Have a question about your agreement?

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Need someone to review something before you sign it?

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Want someone to reduce your letter of intent to an executable instrument?

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