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Subscription Agreement for Business Legal Services

Wheat Legal PLLC, a Washington Professional Limited Liability Company located at: 701 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98104

1) What is covered by your subscription:

a) Legal advice.

We provide legal advice on any matter involving any person or business entity which arises as a result of business matters or interest, including: ownership, management, or association with a business, partnership, corporate entity, or trust, or any income producing property or venture regardless of the full-time or part-time nature thereof.

b) Phone Calls and Emails.

We will provide you with five phone calls or ten emails per month – capped at 20 minutes per phone call— with a licensed attorney who is familiar with your business. Furthermore, you will receive at least a semi-annual (some plans include quarterly or even monthly) check-in meeting which will provide an informal legal audit to hopefully uncover any potential legal liability issues or risks your business may face, and help you come up with a plan to address these before anything happens.

c) Discounted Rates and Easier Payment Terms.

Should you need additional assistance outside of the monthly emails, phone calls, and semi-annual check-in meetings we provide our services at a 40% discount on our standard hourly rates*, 10-25% off flat fee services**, and 10% off our standard recovery amounts for contingency-fee matters. Furthermore, we want to work with you to make it easy for you to pay off your legal bills and budget appropriately. When you have the available budget and when you have the legal need don't always sync up, so we will help you sync it up by annualizing payment amounts, capping budgets for projects, and setting up evergreen trusts for ongoing work as needed.

d) Letters and phone calls on your behalf.

This service is offered to give our clients the additional leverage of the counter party knowing our client has legal representation, however we retain final and total discretion over whether to use our letterhead, firm name, and the content of such communications.

e) Contract and document review.

You or your business must be a party to the contract.

f) 24/7 Access.

We will provide emergency legal assistance in the event you are arrested or detained, served with a warrant, or are pressured into making serious legal decisions under conditions which could amount to improper influence (such as duress or coercion). Access is not guaranteed – we may be out of range of cell signal, overseas, or for any other number of reasons – however when you pay for this subscription service you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is nothing improper or out of line about you calling us at odd hours because this is a service that you pay for.

2) What is not covered by your subscription.


a) We do not cover expenses.

This includes fines, court costs, filing fees, ad litem fees, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds, or any out of pocket expenses.

b) Loan Document Assistance.

We do not provide title opinions.

c) Family law matters.

No Divorce, Separation, Adoption, Name Change, Guardianship, etc.

d) Sue us? I mean, respect, but….

Any person or entity who initiates or participates in a lawsuit against Wheat Legal or any of its associates and affiliates, or is named as a defendant or respondent in a lawsuit initiated by Wheat Legal or any of its associates and affiliates, shall be specifically excluded from receiving any legal advice or benefits under this contract during the pendency of such lawsuit or until its resolution.

e) Non-Commercial Motor Vehicle issues

f) Criminal law matters not arising out of the conduct your business

3) Payment details.

Should you opt for monthly payment, Wheat Legal PLLC will automatically charge the credit or debit card kept on file each month. We raise a single invoice which is due and payable in 12 equal monthly installments. We do not keep any of your credit or debit card details on file but process the payments through a third party “LawPay” in a pre-scheduled sequence in order to permit our clients maximum flexibility. If payments fail, we may need to contact you to get updated payment details. Amounts which remain unpaid after falling due and after a thirty-day grace period will begin collecting interest at 1.5% per month.

4) Geographical Area.

This contract provides for legal services that members of this firm are permitted by law to perform only, which at the time of writing includes Washington State and matters within the jurisdiction of Washington State and Federal Courts.

5) Native American Legal Issues Exclusion.

Native American legal issues are excluded from the services available under this subscription service. If such matters arise, we will provide necessary referrals and make sure our subscribers receive adequate legal advice, but at the time of writing these matters are not within our areas of competency.

6) Professional Judgment.

It is in the sole discretion of the attorneys of Wheat Legal to determine whether claims or defences, pertaining to any matter under this contract, present frivolous or otherwise unmeritorious claims or defences, including decisions to take any contingency case, to appeal any judgment, or decision. The attorneys of Wheat Legal reserve the right to make independent professional judgments.

7) Cancellation.

Wheat Legal may cancel this contract for fraud, non-payment of fees, or if the attorneys determine in their professional judgment that the Business Subscriber is unable, unwilling, or incapable of accepting or understanding legal advice and services. Wheat Legal shall notify the Business Subscriber in writing of any such cancellation. The Business Subscriber may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice to Wheat Legal. We are not a gym or a phone company; you can fire us anytime you want.

8) Arbitration.

While this agreement is intended to prevent any confusion over the terms of our representation, should a fee dispute arise you agree to submit your fee dispute to binding arbitration with JAMS. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have the right to use other court forums to address fee disputes, but you now agree to compromise those rights by agreeing to submit any fee dispute to binding arbitration. Binding arbitration means that any decision made by the arbitration panel, in your favor or ours, will be final and non-appealable. In short it will have the same effect and enforceability of any similar decision made by a court of law. The arbitration panel hears disputes in King County. Our bar association will select the panel from a list of attorneys and lay volunteers who have agreed to hear fee disputes. There are no costs associated with obtaining panelists. We encourage you to seek additional independent legal counsel regarding this issue if you have any concerns about agreeing to submit any fee dispute to binding arbitration.

9) No outcomes guaranteed.

You will appreciate we can make no guarantee of a successful conclusion in any case. However, the attorneys of this firm will use their best efforts on your behalf.

10) No third-party beneficiaries.

This Agreement is made and entered into for the sole protection and benefit of the Parties, their successors and assigns. No other person shall have any right of action based upon any provision of this Agreement.

* $275 per hour at the time of writing – these amounts may be adjusted yearly in December and will be published on our website at https://www.wheatlegal.com/info/iec

** An updated list may be found at the website listed above

If you have read and understand the terms and conditions above, and wish to be bound by them, you may submit your information via the form below.

We will be in contact shortly after receiving your details, and your welcome gift will be in the mail. This agreement will only come into effect when conflict of interest checks are verified.