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Start, Operate And Profit From Your Business With Legalities In Order

Every business starts with ideas and the application of human talent. Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur or an established business owner or manager, I will be here for you for all stages of business formation and development.

I have broad-based international business law experience. I have practiced business law for years, started and operated my own businesses and taught business law, and I am strategically positioned to guide you toward success.

First Things First

If you are getting ready to open a new business, you may wonder which entity structure will be most beneficial. Options include the following:

  • A sole proprietorship, which you will own and direct yourself
  • A partnership, which will allow you to share the workload with a partner whose skills may complement your own
  • A limited liability company (LLC), which operates as a partnership or corporation, shielding your personal finances from the risks that a business is often prone to
  • A C corporation or an S corporation with shareholders, articles of incorporation and other unique characteristics
  • A nonprofit organization offering tax advantages

I am knowledgeable and equipped to evaluate your goals, and I will recommend an entity structure that suits your needs.

Development And Growth

When you become a business client of Wheat Legal PLLC, you will have access to personalized advice. I can help you put a business plan in place, create corporate bylaws, create an employee handbook, comply with employee governance regulations, license your business and register trademarks and copyrights. My vast network of affiliated law firms throughout the Seattle area and the world may prove to be useful during the formation and development of your business.

When you are ready to hire employees, merge with another business or acquire other businesses, I will be available to you every step of the way. I can help you create an employee handbook, prepare to train employees and turn your plans into action and profit.

Dispute Resolution

Businesses can be rewarding ventures, but they can also run into obstacles and controversies. Whether you are experiencing trouble within your business, in relationship to other businesses or in interactions with government agencies, at Wheat Legal PLLC, I can serve as a strong advocate to help you resolve conflicts cost-effectively. I also assist with business dissolution.

My skills span the gamut of dispute resolution methods, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Turn To A Trusted Washington-Based Litigation And Transactional Firm

Get the customized counsel and representation needed to achieve your business goals. Call Wheat Legal PLLC at 206-866-0816 or email to schedule a consultation.