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Resolving Business Disputes And Guiding Enterprises Through A Business Dissolution

Running a business in Washington state can be fulfilling, enjoyable and profitable, but if you are in business long enough, you’re likely to encounter a legal conflict. It could come from within – such as a partnership dispute or a shareholder conflict – or an outside company could challenge the terms of a contract, jeopardizing critical timelines and customer services.

You do not have to let your enterprise be held hostage to a legal disagreement. My name is Jeff Wheat, and I’m the founding attorney at Wheat Legal PLLC. I work with companies in and around Seattle throughout their lifecycle, from the initial business formation to dissolution. There’s no shame to find yourself entangled in a business dispute. Given shifts in the marketplace, employee turnover and other factors, most companies have to deal with legal conflicts eventually.

I Can Help Iron Out Difficult Legal Conflicts At Your Company

I’ve worked with a broad range of Washington state industries, so I’m familiar with their legal structures and the dynamics that produce conflicts in many of them. I can help you with many types of disputes, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Contract disputes
  • Fraud
  • Ownership disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

Many times hiring a lawyer to work out the conflict signals to the other party, or parties, that you are serious about protecting your bottom line and your rights, and I can focus on a settlement that will fix the problem outside of court. However, if litigating the matter is necessary, you can count on me to be a ferocious advocate for you.

Handling Business Dissolutions With Care And Professionalism

There are times when the best resolution to a dispute is to dissolve the business. This “business divorce” can be painful, but it does not have to be legally complicated.

I can help you with the dissolution of a business, whether the decision is voluntary or involuntary. My services include notifying the IRS and cancelling your federal EIN account and ensuring that the decision to dissolve the business is properly documented. If you have issued stock, I can also notify shareholders of your decision.

Contact My Firm To Tackle Business Conflicts Successfully

No one enjoys business disputes. But once legal conflicts exist, it’s time to face them. To book an introductory consultation, call my office in Seattle at 206-866-0816 or send me a message through my online contact form.