Wheat Legal PLLC

Better get it "Wheat Legal" ... *The* law firm for Seattle Business Law & Commercial Litigation

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We are a Seattle and Mercer Island-based law firm representing clients in Western Washington and across the globe

Our friendly staff provide legal counsel in a variety of areas

including: 'full stack' dispute resolution, world class transactional advice, and turnkey tech-driven corporate legal services!

Interested, but not sold? We offer commercial clients a no obligation half hour appointment up front to see if it's a good fit.

Give us a call!

General Commercial Legal Advice

Legal advice on drafting contracts

Planning to buy or sell a business, intellectual property, boat, airplane, or other asset? Checklists and strategy planning

Commercial litigation services

Real estate and commercial leases, community associations, real estate brokers, easements, transfers of real property, partition, adverse possession, nuisance, trespass, liens

Because we want to win

Arbitration, litigation, motion practice, trial advocacy, commercial debts, and execution of judgments

Disputes with suppliers, service providers, debtors, competitors, re-sellers, franchisors, etc.

Derivative shareholder litigation, LLC member disputes, winding up of LLC's, actions for and defenses against breach of contract, equitable or provisional remedies in contract actions, UCC, consumer protection act, fraud investigation

Advice on international and domestic corporate formation

We can help with planning and compliance, seeking investment, licensing, intellectual property strategies, protection, & registration, and technology solutions for corporate ventures