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Client Testimonials

Jeff is a really amazing attorney and person. After our small business got sued, we gave his office a call and were able to set up an appointment quickly. Almost immediately, he seemed to grasp how difficult the problem was, and how seriously it impacted our operation. They really worked hard to get us through the issues, and we finally were able to get our contract renegotiated without the need to sue. They were always pretty busy, but Jeff always took the time to make sure he understood what was important to us. We definitely recommend using Wheat Legal PLLC for contract disputes.

Small business owner in Bellevue, WA

I highly recommend Jeff and Luis. I got caught up in a stupid deal in a foreign country, and much to my surprise they were able to get me out of the worst of it. The way the agreement was written it was really hard to know what would happen in international arbitration. It seemed really bleak, but Jeff and Luis were able to assist us.  I hope to never need to use one of these guys again, but if I do, I am glad I know who to call. Thanks!!!

Ashley from Mercer Island, WA

I have worked with many attorneys in the past, and Jeff is one of the most straightforward you will ever meet. He is a straight shooter and I am always happy to refer him to my contacts. He didn’t try and give us an aggressive sales pitch or anything, but they are definitely worth every penny! Jeff’s knowledge of business and commercial transactions is really impressive. He really knows his way around a courtroom too, and he won my case!

Chris from Seattle, WA

Luis makes it really easy to work with him! He is really good about returning calls and answering all of our questions in lots of detail and following up with more helpful information too. He is always very professional and returned my calls within 24 hours.

Ann from Mercer Island, WA